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With our transmission service, you’ll catch any problems with your vehicle’s transmission early, as transmission rebuilds are expensive, yet necessary. Our service can help you find any issues and prevent future ones.

Rebuilding the transmission is a lengthier process than repairing it because it requires removing the transmission entirely from the vehicle. During a rebuild, our team takes the transmission apart, faulty parts are replaced, and the transmission is put back together. This service can differ quite a bit depending on the make and model of your vehicle, so it’s best that you bring your vehicle to us so we can take a look and figure out the best course of action.

The universal Joint (U-joint) connects the driveshaft to the differential as the vehicle moves. This one is one of those ‘easy fixes’, as the U-joint is a simple, single part. But it is important to get this piece repaired at the first sign of trouble because it is dangerous to operate a vehicle with a broken U-joint. This is something that we can take a look at and repair or replace early on to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running properly and safely so that you don’t find yourself in an expensive or possibly dangerous situatioW

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Transmission Service: Repair/Flush

Luckily, issues with your vehicle’s transmission may only require a repair, which is not as involved as a transmission rebuild. Determining whether a transmission repair or rebuild typically requires that we look at your vehicle in person and give it a thorough examination to see what’s best for your individual vehicle, as transmissions can vary quite a bit between makes and models. 

A transmission flush uses professional equipment to push all of the transmission fluid from your transmission and replaces it with entirely new fluid. This is typically a preventative measure but may be required as a maintenance procedure if there is build up in the transmission lines.

The transmission is a critical part of your vehicle and we want to take special care when servicing it, so that you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with hard decisions about your vehicle.

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