Heating & Air Conditioning

Because it’s more than comfort, it’s safety.

The climate control of your vehicle is key for comfort – you notice it when it’s not working. But the heating and cooling system of your vehicle does more than relief on hot summer days and toasty hands in the winter, in extreme seasons climate control = safety.

Plus, in Canadian winters, getting on the road depends on defrosting your windows. The heating and cooling systems of your vehicle are interconnected, so issues with one can impact the other, preventing internal temperatures from being regulated.

Luckily, keeping you comfortable also means keeping your engine comfortable. If you’re having any problems with your climate control, bring your vehicle into Maidens Family Auto Care.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning is important for your comfort and to maintain optimum temperature levels for the safe operation of your vehicle. Internal factors like the engine and external factors like the sun and the heat of the pavement raise your vehicle’s temperature and without a proper cooling system, can lead to overheating. AC systems also filter the air that circulates in your car, keeping the air that you breathe clean.

Catching problems early on that are ‘easy fixes’ will prevent larger expenses later. You can spot some of these issues by a decreased cooling speed, changing noises in the AC or stale smelling air. If you are experiencing any problems with your AC, bring your vehicle in so we can catch any problems early and keep you driving in comfort.

Heating Systems

The heating system in your vehicle transfers the heat from the engine into the body of the vehicle through the fan.

Maintaining heating and cooling systems in your vehicle is important because it releases heat from the engine which prevents the vehicle from overheating and possibly breaking down. We know this is something that everyone wants to avoid: the classic breakdown on the side of the road, smoke coming from your hood.  Proper maintenance as indicated in your owner’s manual or at the first sign of potential heating and cooling problems can help you avoid this situation.

We want to do everything we can so that you don’t have to go through a breakdown or getting stuck in a Canadian winter without heat.

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