Radiator Service

A sidekick to the engine, the cooling system saves the day from breakdowns

Radiator Service

You’ve heard “blew the rad”? All that steam coming out of the hood? 

The radiator’s role is to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t get too hot and overheat. The temperature gauge on your dashboard may be raised if your engine is getting too hot – this could indicate an issue with the radiator. 

Any sign that your car may be overheating is a sign you should be bringing it in to be serviced – let us take a look for you. We can make sure your vehicle’s cooling system is operating optimally so you can avoid this situation and possibly expensive repairs.


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Water Pumps

The water pumps are part of the cooling system that keeps your engine from getting too hot. These water pumps can spring leaks. A leak is often a simple repair, but left unchecked can lead to much larger issues, such as your engine overheating or getting too cold and inefficient when running.

It is important to regularly check levels of antifreeze in your vehicle. Low levels or old antifreeze can be cleaned out with our flushing equipment and replaced with new antifreeze. This is a situation where a simple issue with a water pump is best to catch early on, because it saves you money and risk down the line.

We’ll check out possible issues early on to save you time and money.

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