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Because you need to trust your brakes when it counts.

You don’t have to be an expert to know that brakes are crucial for the operation of your vehicle. The brake system is absolutely critical to your safety, and the safety of others.

This system is made up of the brake pads, brake lines and fluid, the parking/emergency brake and the brakes themselves. The brake pads can get worn down over time or with hard braking, which can become dangerous. Brake lines can get leaks, losing the fluid that makes the brakes run smoothly. If your brakes squeak or make other noises when you press down on the pedal or feel ‘soft’ and you need to push the pedal down further to stop your vehicle, these are signs that your brakes should be checked out sooner rather than later. Contact us to book your brake service.

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You can usually tell when your vehicle’s steering system is in need of service. If steering feels harder than usual, shaky or off-centered, it’s time to bring your vehicle in.

Your vehicle’s steering system keeps you in control. Call us if you suspect your vehicle’s steering is impaired because steering is critical for safely operating your vehicle. We can correct any problems with your steering system so that you can back on the road feeling secure and confident.


The suspension of your vehicle is an important part of driving, because it absorbs the shock and bounce of driving, which lessens what you feel inside the vehicle to give you and your passengers a more comfortable ride.

But the more shock the suspension absorbs, the more it wears down over time. Bumpy roads, hitting potholes or going off road can wear down your suspension more than well paved roads.

The sway bar link is part of the suspension system and manages the ‘sway’ of your vehicle by distributing weight evenly on each side of the suspension. Sway bar links should be looked at right away, as these problems can get much bigger and impede your ability to control your vehicle on the road.

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Wheel alignment is a service that is exactly what it sounds like: the wheels of your vehicle need to be in alignment to drive well. Making sure the tires are aligned makes for better mileage, reduces uneven wear on the tires and prevents the unevenness moving up into your suspension – the same way an ankle injury can lead to a knee or back issue!

You can usually tell if your wheels need to be aligned if the vehicle keeps pulling to one side while you’re driving or if your tires are unevenly worn down. Wheel alignment can be required after an accident or hitting a bad pothole. We offer alignment service as two-wheel alignment or four-wheel alignment. Give us a call today so we can take a look and see if your tires need to be aligned.

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