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Air Filter Replacement

The air filter is very important because it keeps dirt and other debris from outside entering the engine, which can hurt its performance and mileage. Air filters need to be replaced regularly, as they become full and clogged from regular use of your vehicle, particularly if you often drive on unpaved roads. 

As part of regular vehicle tune ups, we always check your air filters and replace them as needed so you don’t have to worry about it.

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car engine tune up

Car Engine Tune Up

Engine tune ups should be the first thing you do if your engine light comes on to figure out what triggered it, because it might be urgent. 

Engine tune ups make sure that the engine of your vehicle is running properly so you can avoid any of those big issues. The main purpose is to prevent any future problems with the engine, because as you know, engine problems can be the most expensive and dangerous. 

We don’t like having to tell our customers when there is a big repair or replacement needed. During a tune up, we check all parts necessary for the engine to function, so that the overall performance and safety is optimized, even your windshield wipers. We want you to be confident with your car. Contact us today to book an appointment!

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Fuel injectors are crucial to the function of your vehicle’s engine. Fuel injectors can get gummed up over time, impeding your engine’s performance. Fortunately, cleaning them is straight forward and an easy way that we can improve your vehicle’s performance and mileage.

Give us a call to see if your vehicle needs a fuel injection cleaning! This is part of your regular maintenance.


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car electrical diagnosis


Engine diagnostics systems help us quickly and accurately determine the root of a problem or inefficiency in the engine. 

The On-Board Diagnostics system monitors processes that keep the engine operating properly. If this system finds anything that could mean irregular engine function, the check engine light turns on to let you know there is something that needs attention. This system also monitors for unusual emission levels. 

If your engine light comes on, it is important that you bring your vehicle to us as soon as you can

Our team is fully equipped to troubleshoot engine diagnostics because we want you to drive confidently with a reliable, long-lasting engine.

Ministry of Transportation Inspections

These are those conducted in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation to help make sure all vehicles on the road are safe to drive on the highway to prevent dangerous accidents. 

These inspections have specific standards that must be met annually or when the vehicle is being sold. 

We are qualified to conduct these inspections, so give us a call to set one up or ask any questions you might have about getting your car safetied

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check engine light

Check Engine Light

Is your “check engine” light on? The main purpose of this light is to catch problems in and around your vehicle’s engine as early as possible before they become a much bigger issue. It’s important to us that any problems with your vehicle are found and fixed as soon as possible, to save you stress and money. If your engine light comes on, it is important that you bring your vehicle in as soon as you can so we can sort out any potential issues with the engine and get you confidently back on the road.

Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses are both part of the heating and cooling system, starting and charging system, and the operation of the engine. Belts can wear down over time (and appear cracked) and are best to repair as early as possible before they cause any issues with the function of the engine, or snap!

Our team can take a look at all belts and hoses on your vehicle and make sure they are in good condition. We can determine if any belt or hose needs to be replaced to keep you from getting stranded down the road.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance should not be underestimated. We recommend bringing your vehicle in for service according to your owner’s manual for optimizing the performance, safety and lifespan of your vehicle. 

Scheduled maintenance is also important for warranty coverage or if you end up selling your vehicle. 

Maintenance is calculated on the mileage of the car, meaning that the more you drive, the faster scheduled maintenance comes up. It’s easy to plan to bring your car in to keep it in top shape and avoid those unforeseen repair visits and costs. 

Our team can perform any scheduled maintenance services and answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s condition. We want to help you plan ahead to keep your vehicle at its best. 

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